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Jake’s Revenge from Haze Him

Jake's Revenge from Haze Him

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A blacklisted pledge decides to steal his frat brothers camera in order to get revenge. What he didn't expect to find was all of the kinky shit he did on the camera. The video included lots of "straight" frat boys actually doing some really gay shit that straight guys don't do.  At the end of the film, there was also a video of the frat brother that owned the camera fucking another frat boy!

The blacklisted pledge knew exactly what to do ... he submitted it to Haze Him for all of the world to see.

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These photos are from a video on the website called FraternityX.

The boys were sitting around having a good time and putting back some beers. One ended up having a little too much and fell asleep on the sofa. The other frat boys decided to mess with him and took a permanent marker and drew all over his stomach and ass. They also put some shaving cream or something in his hand and tickled him awake knowing he'd smear it all over his face. To say he woke up pissed is an understatement.

Poor Sebastian wasn't too pleased and resisted the guys, who wrestled him down and started fucking him in his mouth and tight ass in this great FraternityX video called Party Foul.

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Naked Tailgating at Haze Him

Today's update is from Haze Him, where the frat boys decide to have a little bit of fun at the pre-game tailgating party and strip down and do all kinds of crazy shit.

After the game, things go even further and these straight guys find out that they may be gay!

Watch the naked tailgating video at Haze Him.

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Haze Him Videos

This hot Haze Him video is called Simon Says.

Sure, we all remember this innocent enough game, but this fraternity decided to have some fun with the pledges and turn the gay into something kinky. Simon is in charge, and whatever Simon says, the pledges have to do!

Simon makes the pledges do all kids of shit -- naked! Click here to watch this Haze Him video!

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